A Cause for Celebration

Thursday 17 January, 2019

By Field & Lawn

Whether it’s annual festivities, or a national celebration, City Dressing adds to the already joyous atmosphere of a City or Town coming together to commemorate important milestones.

If we’ve learned anything over the last five years of service, it’s that City Dressing can come in a variety of shapes and sizes! The Field and Lawn team has suspended glowing lanterns above cities for Chinese New Year, adorned the City of London with Union Jacks for Royal Weddings, and even installed a rainbow of umbrellas to brighten the hallways of a shopping mall. There are truly endless possibilities and we’d be delighted to explore these with your organisation.

We work with a multitude of clients including local councils, business development districts and event agencies to bring outstanding displays to towns and cities across the UK, no matter what the occasion.

Coming up to the 5th of February, the whole team is excited to get started on our Chinese New Year installations. If you’re looking to get something in place for the festivities, or for any other celebration, contact us at your nearest branch through the form below.