Not just for Christmas…

Monday 27 August, 2018

By Field & Lawn

Last Christmas, the Field and Lawn team was approached to install LED Christmas trees on existing angled brackets above 14 shops in Staines’ High Street.

After completing the installation, it wasn’t long until shop owners took notice and wanted to be part of the action. Hence we ended up installing an additional 8 brackets, all white powder steel coated, set at a 45 degree angle and secured with M12 Rawlbolts.

It seemed a shame for something that had been so popular to be derigged so soon after the festive period. The team pointed out to the client that, once the Christmas trees were removed, the brackets would provide an excellent resource for flags to be displayed throughout the year to promote local events and activities.

The first set of flags promoted the local BID, and the Field and Lawn team has also been asked to supply and install 22 flags for Remembrance Day later this year.

Installation of the additional brackets and flags needed to take place over one evening to prevent as little disruption to a busy road as possible, using a truck-mounted boom lift. The result has been fantastic. The High Street transformed, it now makes a statement that stands out all year-round.

All our install teams are Chapter 8 and G39 trained. In addition we are also a HERS registered company.

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