The Power of Placemaking

Friday 18 September, 2020

By Field & Lawn

At Field and Lawn, placemaking is our area of expertise.

In the time of a pandemic, city and town centres are looking at new ways of creating open, welcoming streets to invite people back safely.

They are looking to reassure people that you can still relax and enjoy your time browsing, wandering the city streets, or meeting a friend for coffee and cake.

So where does placemaking come in?

We are working with clients in BID areas such as New West End Company, Heart of London, Grosvenor and The Crown Estate, installing over 100 hand-sanitising stations and thousands of floor stickers across many central locations.

This helps to keep usually busy retail spaces as accessible as possible in these challenging times.

And our placemaking solutions don't end there!

Alongside our extensive festive lighting portfolio, we also work with clients from brief to delivery on a variety of creative, brand or campaign-led installations. These range from the canopy of umbrellas we installed in Exeter, or the giant inflatable heart at Wellington Arch.

Working with several established suppliers, we are also well placed to offer architectural lighting solutions such as our work on Wearmouth Bridge in Sunderland. We will be expanding our placemaking division in 2021 to we can keep up with the demands of our loyal clients and offer even more creative and engaging solutions for our town and city streets.

Find out more about our placemaking solutions by contacting your nearest branch through the form below.

*Wearmouth Bridge photos courtesy of Dean Matthews Photography.