What a Bright Idea!

Thursday 05 March, 2020

By Field & Lawn

All the way back in July last year, Field and Lawn started working with Sunderland City Council to create a solution that would illuminate the iconic Wearmouth Bridge.

In the months that followed we designed a solution, collaborating with a leading intelligent lighting manufacturer, to transform the project from concept to reality.

The DMX controlled LED lights bar which are 1.5 metres in length flank the upright hanger bars of the bridge and are fully controllable via the cloud.

Over a number of weeks, night operatives used high level access platforms to affix the light bars to the hangers, using non-invasive securing techniques. The light bars are lined with protective sleeves and attached using rubberised jubilee clips to ensure that the structural integrity of Sunderland’s iconic landmark is preserved.

The lights went live in mid-December 2019.

The display effects on the bridge were programmed to complement the festive light programme around the city; in particular, the street column lighting that Field and Lawn also supplied.

Field and Lawn have acquired the relevant skills, experience and knowledge through our festive lighting and city dressing projects to assist in the design, supply and install of bespoke lighting solutions to buildings and architectural features.

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*Photos courtesy of Dean Matthews Photography.